I don’t know. <_>

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Current thoughts. In no particular order.

-I’m sick and tired but in pretty okay spirits which is kinda nice.
-I wasn’t expecting this to be fun so yay for that.
-I really do.. but don’t know what’s going on at all. Confused.
-Fuck you. :/
-Please, let a good job just fall into my lap? Constantly being broke sucks.
-I don’t know how I’m going to get through this week..
-I can’t think of what to paint on my walls. Hmm.
-Can’t decide if I should call my fish Derp or Fluffy.
-I wish I had tissues, toilet paper smells weird. And my nose is starting to hurt from it.
-Just realised I have almost no serious/influential baggage going on which is a nice revelation to have indeed. Woo! Freedom!
-I kinda want more food but refuse to get some until everyone goes to bed cuz all they’ve seen me do today is eat and I feel like a fatty lol.
-I really hope you do. Please? It’d make me feel heaps better.
-Won’t help/solve anything though. Wish I knew but kinda wish I didn’t too..
-At least I did laundry today. There’s something.

I’m leavinggggggggg. :D

Have to use my phone for tumblr for quite a while from now on which will make Tumblin’ a bit harder but there’s heaps in my queue so it won’t be too bad.

Just remember that I LOVE YOU ALL.

To Perth I go!

Cya. ;)

Mmm tacos.

Seeing as it’s my last night here le mother made tacos/burritos for dinner. Favouriteeeeee.

Stupid broken wireless means I have to share the only connected computer though. -_- Humph.
So I’ll try to get on in the morning. c:

Tomorrow’s the day though! Off to Perth. ;)

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Somehow my mum deep fried the wireless. :/

So I’m using her desktop computer for things today and tomorrow morning before I head out.

Ugh I hate it. It’s so slow and stupid and a pc and the screen is weird and it’s not my macbook dammit.

I won’t have internet when I initially move up either so I’ll be doing things just with my phone. Ugh it’s all so annoying.
Totally worth it though. :)
I’m excited.

Motherfucker spamming penis all up on my dash.

Like out of no where all of a sudden BAM.


Cuddling with my cat because I leave after tomorrow.I&#8217;m going to miss him so much. ;_;

Cuddling with my cat because I leave after tomorrow.
I’m going to miss him so much. ;_;

"There’s two and they’re enormous!… sounds like something your brother would hear.."

Ew mum wtf. .___.
Why would you even say that about my dinner?
I don’t know if I really want rice balls anymore..

Watching Oliver and Company.

Because it’s awesome and my childhood needs to be relived after listening to that song so much.

And this ladies and gents is why I always have a fringe.

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And the winner is mac cheese.

Because there is nothing in the fridge to make pizza with.

Why the fuck does water take so long to boil?

Oh and by the way, IT’S TEDDY BEAR PASTA.
Because I’m awesome like that.

Today is a day for bad dancing.

All around my house, to ALL the random music.
Because no one is home, I’m in a good mood and it feels like the most appropriate way to spend my time today seeing as I have nothing else to do all day now that I’ve packed as much as I can until tomorrow when I have more help. That was a very long sentence.
Now back to dancing.


Just packed almost all of my stuff into the car.

My room looks so empty now…
Just two more days till I’m outa here.

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I&#8217;ve been sitting here listening to that &#8220;Why Should I Worry&#8221; song all night just going like this.It&#8217;s addictive okay?
*woooo wooo wooo woo wooooo*

I’ve been sitting here listening to that “Why Should I Worry” song all night just going like this.
It’s addictive okay?

*woooo wooo wooo woo wooooo*